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brain octane vs xct oil

Bulletproof Brain Octane vs XCT Oil Review

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Here’s a scenario for you. It’s midday on Monday (or even midmorning) and you slept like garbage last night after a fun weekend of staying out too late. Your brain doesn’t seem to be working properly. 

You’re unusually forgetful, slurring your words, and having a hard time concentrating. The worst part is that you’ve already had two cups of coffee and it doesn’t seem to be working.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eat something right about now that would boost your cognitive function? Enter Brain Octane Oil

Brain Octane Oil gives you more brain power than regular MCT oil. It can also lead to fewer cravings, increased fat burning, and more energy.

Here’s everything you need to know about Brain Octane Oil and how to add it to your ketogenic diet.

What Is Brain Octane Oil?

Brain Octane Oil is a type of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil sold by the company Bulletproof

brain octane oil

It contains a potent type of MCT oil derived from coconuts that is designed to boost cognitive function, give you energy, and help you lose weight and provide many other health benefits.

Research shows that MCT helps give you better brain function, controls weight, reduces fatigue, and protects against metabolic syndrome. It also improves digestive health, contains antimicrobial properties, and helps with ketone production.

You can read more about the amazing health benefits of MCT here

The problem is that MCT can also come from palm oil. Palm oil does not contain the same benefits as coconut oil because it lacks certain compounds, such as Caprylic acid (C8), Capric acid (C10) and Lauric acid (C12). 

This means that some MCT oil does not even contain the type of compounds that are needed to give you all these health benefits. If you’re not careful about what type of MCT oil you buy, you could be wasting your money on MCT oil that has not much benefit.

Brain Octane Oil contains caprylic acids derived from coconuts. This means that you’re getting a direct dose of the acids that make MCT so healthy and none of the stuff you don’t need.

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Health Benefits of Brain Octane Oil

Brain Octane Oil contains 100% caprylic acid triglycerides derived from coconut oil. Research shows that caprylic acids have many health benefits, especially if you’re doing keto

Here are a few of the proven health benefits of caprylic acid:

#1. It may help protect against Candida Albicans.

Candida albicans is a type of yeast that is responsible for causing yeast infections. Under normal circumstances, Candida albicans lives peacefully in your digestive tract without symptoms. But problems arise when the yeast spreads and causes an overgrowth. 

According to one study, Caprylic acid was shown to inhibit the growth of Candida albicans. Researchers found that this fatty acid contains antimicrobial properties that may be effective interventions for treating yeast infections (1). 

#2. It enhances ketone production.

One of the many benefits of using MCT oil is that it contains caprylic acid, which has been shown to increase ketone production in the body (2). 

If you’re on the ketogenic diet, then you know that the more ketones you make, the more energy you have. 

Because of its ketone-enhancing abilities, many people use caprylic acid to help get them into ketosis where they can burn the most fat and benefit from the most brain-boosting form of energy. 

#3. It may help protect against dementia.

Ketones are especially good for your brain. This is because they cross the blood-brain barrier and can be absorbed directly in the brain to be used as instant energy.

There is also research to show that ketones can help slow the rate of dementia. 

According to one study, subjects who were administered ketones had slower rates of decline when compared to subjects whose brains rely on glucose as energy (3, 4). 

Because caprylic acid has been shown to boost ketone production, it can be used to help keep the brain healthy in your aging years to prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. 

#4. They are not stored as fat and can even help you burn calories.

MCTs are a unique type of fat because they are not stored in fatty tissue. They also do not promote insulin resistance and inflammation that is caused by “ectopic fat” metabolites (5). 

Research shows that MCTs are metabolized differently in the body than other fats. Specifically, they have been shown to drive ketone production and even have a thermogenic response in the body, which helps you burn calories. 

Studies have found that MCT intake helps reduce body fat and can be incorporated into weight loss programs (6, 7).

#5. It helps lower total cholesterol.

Research shows that MCT raises serum cholesterol, but only the good kind. It has more of an impact on HDL “good” cholesterol than LDL “bad” cholesterol, which lowers the rate of total cholesterol in the body (8). 

This is because your good cholesterol helps clear away bad cholesterol from the body. Researchers believe that high intakes of coconut oil are responsible for the low cardiovascular disease risk of populations such as south Asia and Oceanic societies (9, 10, 11, 12).

#6. It protects against diabetes, insulin resistance, and cell dysfunction.

If you’re already on the ketogenic diet, then you’re doing the best possible thing for your diabetes and blood sugar control by eliminating carbs from your diet. 

But may also want to include Brain Octane Oil in your diet, too. Not only can it protect against diabetes, but it can also keep your cells healthy. 

One study found that MCTs have a protective effect on insulin resistance and lipotoxicity, which leads to cell death or dysfunction (13). 

Ingredients and Nutritional Information 

The only ingredient you’ll find in Brain Octane Oil is caprylic acid derived from coconuts. That’s it!

Here is the nutritional breakdown of a one-tablespoon serving of the oil:

  • 130 calories
  • 14 grams of fat (14 grams of caprylic acid triglycerides)
  • 0 grams of carbs
  • 0 grams of protein

Brain Octane Oil contains no preservatives, flavoring, or artificial flavors of any kind. The only thing you get is the best, most effective form of MCT caprylic acid derived from coconuts in its most ketogenic form. 

Pros and Cons

Like every product, Brain Octane Oil comes with a list of pros and cons. We’ve narrowed them down for you so you can see for yourself here:


  • It’s better absorbed than MCT oil and turns into ketones quickly for instant energy
  • Contains 100% C8 and no C12
  • 100% derived from coconuts and not palm oil
  • Supports weight loss, energy production, and cognitive function
  • Helps support metabolic function and cellular health
  • May help prevent chronic diseases, such as diabetes and obesity 
  • Extraction method includes expeller pressure only to preserve nutrients
  • Made in the USA
  • Can be used even if you’re not on a ketogenic or low-carb diet
  • Crosses the blood-brain barrier to help protect against dementia 


  • The only potentially bad thing about Brain Octane Oil is that it’s currently only offered online. This means you’ll have to wait a few days to try it if you’re eager. It may also be a bit on the expensive side, but keep in mind that you are paying for a high-quality oil with guaranteed caprylic acid content. You can find cheaper oils that contain MCT, but you are not guaranteed the results that Brain Octane Oil delivers.

What is XCT Oil and How Does It Differ From Brain Octane Oil?

In addition to Brain Octane Oil, Bulletproof sells XCT oil. If you look at both product bottles, you’ll notice that there isn’t much difference between the two. 

xct oil review

Brain Octane Oil is advertised as having brain-boosting and fat-burning abilities, while XCT oil is generalized as being a highly potent MCT oil. 

So what’s the difference between xct oil vs brain octane oil? The answer comes down to the types of capric and caprylic acids that each product contains. 

Both products give you amazing brain-boosting and fat-burning health benefits, but XCT oil contains capric AND caprylic acids while Brain Octane Oil provides caprylic acids only. 

That’s not a bad thing, though. C8 is often considered the best compound in coconuts because it is easiest to digest and convert to energy quickly, especially if you’re already in ketosis. 

So if you’re looking for a product that delivers the best type of MCT and nothing else, then Brain Octane Oil is it. 

XCT oil has C8 in it, but it also contains capric acid (C10). These two acids are the most ketogenic friendly acids because they fuel your body by boosting your ketone production, which can’t be stored as fat.

Research shows that C10 converts quickly into ketones because it doesn’t need to pass through the liver to be digested. This means you get instant energy as soon as you take it if you’re already in ketosis

If you’re undecided which product is best for you, then know this. You can’t go wrong with either one! Both provide high-quality MCTs derived from 100% coconuts and no palm oil. 

Bulletproof makes sure their oils are triple-distilled. They only use heat, water, and pressure to extract the best parts of the coconut. 

Other oils use harsh extraction methods that kill many of the beneficial nutrients in the oil, which means that you’re wasting your money on a product that isn’t as potent as it should be. 

No matter which product you choose, you’re getting an extremely potent and beneficial oil that helps curb cravings, burn fat, provide instant energy, and boost your brain power.

We had the pleasure of trying both oils and noticed an instant brain boost. We felt more focused, energized, and less stressed after adding each oil to our diet. Of the two oils, the Brain Octane Oil appeared to be easier to digest and caused less digestive discomfort. 

We also noted that the taste of each oil was extremely pleasant. Because they are derived from coconuts, each oil has a nutty flavor that enhanced the flavor of our eggs and salad.

How Is Brain Octane Compared To A Typical MCT Oil Product?

So how does Brain Octane Oil compare to other MCT products? This is a great question and we’re happy you asked!

The primary difference between the two oils is the amount of caprylic acid they have, which is the active ingredients in MCT that gives the oil most of its health benefits.  

In some cases, your typical MCT oil does not contain many of these acids at all, especially if it’s derived from palm oil. Brain Octane Oil extracted the active ingredient in MCT and put it in oil so that there is no question as to whether or not you’re getting the good stuff. 

Here are some of the primary differences between MCT oil and Brain Octane Oil:

  • Brain Octane Oil contains 100% C8; MCT oil may only contain 20% to 60% 
  • Brain Octane Oil contains no C12, which is the least useful ketogenic MCT acid; MCT oil may contain 30% to 50%
  • Brain Octane Oil is extracted using expeller-pressed pressure only to keep nutrients intact; MCT oil is extracted using cheaper solvents that may affect the quality of the oil 
  • Brain Octane Oil is refined and purified with water, heat, and pressure; MCT oil uses chemicals 
  • Brain Octane Oil is sourced from 100% coconut;  MCT oil can be sourced from a combination of coconut and palm oils 
  • Brain Octane Oil is produced in the USA; MCT oil may be produced anywhere in the world

Should You Try It On Keto?

Yes! You should absolutely try Brain Octane Oil whether or not you’re on a ketogenic diet. 

It’s especially helpful if you are eating keto. This is because MCTs have been shown to turn into ketones rather quickly in the body to help propel your ketogenic status. You can even use Brain Octane Oil to help combat symptoms of the keto flu. 

Anyone can benefit from the brain boost that Brain Octane Oil provides, even if you’re not on a low-carb diet. It would be a great addition to your diet to keep your brain working properly in your older years when dementia starts to become a worry. 

You can use Brain Octane Oil in place of regular oil when you cook, but keep in mind that heating it to high temperatures may kill off some of the nutrients. 

We recommend using it raw in salad dressings, smoothies, or drizzled over meat and vegetable dishes as a glaze. You can use it as a marinade or even add it to your morning cup of coffee

The combination of caffeine and Brain Octane Oil is sure to get you going first thing in the morning or whenever you need 100% brain power.

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Brain Octane Oil contains 100% C8, which is a type of caprylic acid found in coconuts. This is the most beneficial part of the coconut because it has been shown to boost brain function, help you burn calories, and protect against chronic disease as well as neurological dysfunction.

Brain Octane Oil is different from MCT oil because it is derived from coconuts and not palm oil, which does not have all the nutrients that coconuts have. The oil is made from 100% caprylic acid derived from coconuts, so you’re guaranteed to reap all the benefits that MCT has to offer. 

We recommend adding Brain Octane Oil to your ketogenic shopping list today. Research shows that MCT helps propel ketone production in the body, which means that it helps you stay in ketosis. 

Brain Octane Oil is also recommended for anyone in general who wants to keep their brain sharp and benefit from the numerous advantages MCT has to offer, even if you’re not a low-carb dieter!

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