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brain octane vs xct oil

Bulletproof Brain Octane vs XCT Oil Review

Here’s a scenario for you. It’s midday on Monday (or even midmorning) and you slept like garbage last night after a fun weekend of staying out too late. Your brain doesn’t seem to be working properly.  You’re unusually forgetful, slurring your words, and having a hard time concentrating. The worst part is that you’ve already …

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lakanto review

Lakanto’s Sugar-Free Products Review

The quest for amazing keto products never ends and we’re on a mission to bring them all to your attention! Although you don’t need anything other than real food that you normally buy at the grocery store to get into ketosis, it sure is nice to have options for keto-friendly sweeteners to fill that void …

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bioketo review

BioKeto’s Products Review

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. You don’t need to take supplements to be on the ketogenic diet. You can easily achieve ketosis by eating whole food sources alone. But supplements sure are handy to have around! We love bringing new keto companies to your attention so that you can stay in-the-know …

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best krill oil

What Are The Top Krill Oil Supplements?

Over the years, krill oil has quickly become just as popular as fish oil. It contains an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids as well as antioxidants to help reduce inflammation and fight oxidative stress. Some research suggests that krill is more abundant in our oceans then many different kinds of fish, which means supplementing …

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nui cookies reviews

Nui’s Keto Cookies Review

Most people would agree that the ketogenic diet is very satisfying. However, it’s one of the most restrictive diets out there. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could still eat cookies, too? That’s where Nui (formerly known as Keto Kookie) comes in. The company was founded by Kristoffer and Victor, who felt great after adopting …

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slimfast keto review

Are SlimFast Products Keto-Friendly?

Back in the day, if you wanted to lose weight, some people will suggest the SlimFast diet. This was before people knew the truth about sugar and how much worse for you it is than fat. The idea behind the SlimFast diet was that you would lose weight by replacing one premade canned shake for …

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keto subscription boxes

Top Low Carb & Keto Snack Subscription Boxes

If you’re tired of eating the same old keto snacks all the time, then a keto box subscription can help spice thing up. Delivered to your door monthly, the following keto box subscriptions contain unique keto snacks that you might not be able to find on your own. You can pick from a variety of …

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onnit fatbutter

Onnit’s Fatbutter Review

The next time you’re at the grocery store, try playing this game. Pick up any can or jar of nut butter and read the ingredients. We bet that what you find will shock you. In some cases, nuts are not even the first ingredient listed in nut butter. Most (if not all) store-bought nut butter …

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keto farms review

Keto Farms’ Products Review

Having some quality snacks with you when traveling or on the road is a great way to satisfy your hunger without ruining your diet. The trick is to choose healthy snacks that fit your ketogenic lifestyle without filling you up on junky ingredients. Some ketogenic dieters will tell you that they become bored with eating …

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keto meal delivery

Best Premade Low Carb and Ketogenic Meal Delivery Services

For some people, one of the hardest things about following a diet is finding the time to shop and cook. Work, school and family obligations can often prevent you from shopping when you need to. And even when you do find the time to shop, there are endless temptations that may influence you to buy …

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