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Tanya K.

Tanya is a professional food photographer, videographer and recipe developer. She also holds a Master of Arts degree. Traveling helps her find inspiration from a huge variety of world cuisines for new creative low-carb recipe ideas.

Greek Keto Salad

Greek Keto Salad Recipe

The Greek salad is very keto-friendly – it’s full of low-carb vegetables and the extra-virgin olive oil has a great nutritional value. In addition to that, it’s extremely easy to make, only takes around 10 minutes, and can be an excellent lunch or dinner during the summer months. Apart from being so colorful and fresh,

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Yogurt Berry Keto Pancakes

Keto Pancakes with Greek Yogurt and Berry Low Carb Recipe

It takes only ten minutes to prepare this beautiful traditional breakfast. I like to add one scoop of protein powder such as Grass-Fed Beef Protein to increase my protein intake, but this is completely optional because these pancakes are based on protein-loaded cream cheese and eggs. Top with creamy Greek yogurt and serve immediately. I

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