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How to Order Low Carb at Steak ‘n Shake

As the name implies, Steak n’ Shake specializes in burgers and milkshakes. The word “steak” applies to steakburgers and the milkshakes are hand-dipped. As delicious as that sounds, Steak n’ Shake is not the best restaurant you’ll want to seek out if you’re trying to follow a strict keto diet. In fact, eating out while […]

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Top 6 Benefits Of Eating Eggs

Eggs are the perfect healthy food. They contain healthy fats (as long as you eat the egg yolk) and extremely low in carbohydrates. They’re also high in B vitamins, vitamins A and D, and several minerals, such as selenium and phosphorus. For a long time, egg yolks were shunned because it was believed they raised […]

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How To Order Low Carb at Dunkin’ Donuts

If ever there was a restaurant that you should avoid like the plague on a keto diet, it’s Dunkin’ Donuts. The tempting smell of freshly baked donuts alone is reason enough not to step foot in there! However, if you really want to test your self control or if you’re traveling and Dunkin’ Donuts is […]

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Benefits of Potassium and Signs of Deficiency

Potassium is one of the most important micronutrients that you need in your diet, in order to maintain your health. It’s also one of the electrolytes you often see mentioned when reading on electrolytes and keto. This is because the keto diet has a diuretic effect, which means that electrolytes get flushed out of your […]

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How To Order Low Carb at Long John Silver’s

Long John Silver’s is an American fast food chain restaurant that has been around for quite some time. They specialize in seafood, and most of it is deep-fried, which means that you’ll have a heck of a time eating here if you’re on a low-carb or ketogenic diet. The good news is that they now […]

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Top 8 Health Benefits of Blueberries

Not many fruits are allowed on the ketogenic diet because of their high sugar and carbohydrate content. But some fruits are OK to eat in moderation. Berries are lower in net carbs than many fruits. They are also one of the healthiest foods on the planet because of their protective antioxidant properties, which makes them […]

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How To Order Low Carb at Del Taco

Eating fast food on the ketogenic diet is not a recommended thing to do. It’s even more challenging if your restaurant of choice is a taco joint. For this reason, we recommend eating at home whenever possible or at least avoid eating fast food as much as you can. If you want to achieve better […]

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Can a Keto Diet Help You Manage Your Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

What is IBS? Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic functional disorder affecting the large intestine. IBS is believed to be a disorder related to both the intestine and brain, causing abnormal gut function and increased sensitivity. IBS symptoms may occur due to abnormal intestinal contractions, digestive system nerve anomalies, intestinal inflammation, infection, or changes […]

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