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Heather Hanks​

Heather holds a BA in Journalism and MS in Alternative and Complementary Medicine and Medical Systems. She's a degreed nutritionist specializing in nutrition, chronic and autoimmune disease management.

almond milk keto

Is Almond Milk Keto?

Cow’s milk is one of the first foods you’ll need to give up if you go on a low-carb or keto diet because it contains too many carbs and sugar. Additionally, it’s highly inflammatory for many people and can lead to digestive issues, especially among those with autoimmune conditions. Luckily, almond milk is an excellent

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coconut milk keto

Is Coconut Milk Keto?

Coconut milk is an excellent plant-based alternative to cow’s milk. It’s full of healthy fats and contains no lactose or hard-to-digest sugars, making it ideal for sensitive stomachs. However, the nutritional value of coconut milk varies by product, brand, and how you make it. Many contain added sugars and buying the wrong one can kick

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