Keto Bacon Egg Guacamole Bunless Burger Low Carb Recipe
bacon egg guacamole burger

Keto Bacon Egg Guacamole Bunless Burger

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If you are craving a tasty burger, this recipe is definitely for you. It contains the most common keto ingredients.

The heart of this recipe is guacamole that turns simple bacon into a juicy but crispy dish. Traditionally, the main ingredient in guacamole is avocado.

You can buy guacamole at your local store, but why not make it yourself? All you need are onions, tomatoes, basil, seasonings, greens, and avocado smashed together. Then you have a fresh home-made dip and something to spread on your morning toast.

This bunless burger has meat as the main ingredient – isn’t it everybody’s dream recipe? Beef buns and lots of bacon.

Guacamole is to add bitterness and softness between two meat layers. The egg is visually appealing. It provides a splash of color and that extra protein for the day, resulting in a burger that can be consumed cold or reheated.

bacon egg guacamole

To make this recipe as healthy as can be, we recommend making sure all of your ingredients come from clean sources. This means buying organic, grass-finished ground beef that has been pasture-raised and does not contain antibiotics, chemicals or hormones. 

The same goes for bacon. Make sure it does not contain added sugars, hormones, nitrates, antibiotics, or other chemicals and preservatives that may contribute to inflammation and DNA damage.

When picking out eggs, go with a brand that is organic and pasture-raised as this ensures that the hens have had access to good feed and sunshine, which enhances the nutrition of the eggs.

Let’s Do It!

Marinate ground beef with salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning then shape it into a small patty. Wrap the bacon around the patty.

wrap beef with bacon

In a frying pan over medium heat, add olive oil and fry the meat on each side until cooked. The time will depend on the thickness of your patty. Once cooked, move to a plate.

fry patty wrapped bacon

In the same pan, fry an egg with the remaining oil.

To assemble the burger, add guacamole and the fried egg on top of the patty then season with salt and pepper. Serve warm.

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keto bacon egg guacamole burger


bacon egg guacamole burger
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Bacon Egg Guacamole Bunless Burger

This recipe is a delicious way to enjoy a bacon egg guacamole burger without all the carbs!
Course Breakfast, Lunch
Cuisine Ketogenic, Low Carb
Keyword bacon egg burger, bunless burger, keto burger, low carb burger
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 2
Calories 526kcal
Author Tanya K.



  • In a small bowl, mix minced beef with Italian seasoning and salt and pepper. Form a small patty.
  • Place 4 strips of bacon on a cutting board crosswise. Top with beef patty and wrap the bacon around it.
  • Heat 1/2 tbsp of olive oil in a frying pan over medium heat. Add bacon wrapped patty and cook for 3 minutes (or more, depending on thickness) on each side and transfer to a plate.
  • Add the remaining 1/2 tbsp of oil to the pan and cook an egg. You should have an egg with a runny yolk inside and cooked egg white outside.
  • Top your bacon wrapped patty with the guacamole and fried egg. Season with salt and pepper if needed. Cut in half and serve immediately.



*The actual amount of fat per serving will be less, unless you consume the remaining fat in the pan.


Nutrition Facts
Bacon Egg Guacamole Bunless Burger
Amount Per Serving
Calories 526 Calories from Fat 423
% Daily Value*
Fat 47g72%
Saturated Fat 14g70%
Cholesterol 161mg54%
Sodium 373mg16%
Potassium 515mg15%
Carbohydrates 5g2%
Fiber 3g12%
Sugar 1g1%
Protein 21g42%
Vitamin A 180IU4%
Vitamin C 4.3mg5%
Calcium 37mg4%
Iron 2.3mg13%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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