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3 Common Ways to Measure Ketone Levels

When you transition from burning glucose to using fat as a fuel and consecutively, ketones on a keto diet (what is a keto diet?), you will notice a number of changes in your body.

There are many signs to tell that you are in ketosis.

However, if you’d like to know for sure whether you’re in ketosis, there are three ways to measure it with relative certainty.

#1. Using Urine Strips

The cheapest method is to use urine strips such as So Nourished’s Urine Ketone Strips (our #1 choice), or Ketostix or a similar product, which will detect whether there is a spill-over of ketones in your urine.

Urine strips that measure ketones were initially designed for diabetics to allow them to check for signs of ketoacidosis (a state that is very different from nutritional ketosis), however, a lot of people from the keto community have resorted to using them in order to check whether they’re in ketosis.

The way to use them is to either pee on a strip or pee in a cup and dip the strip in it. You need to wait for a few moments (usually 15 seconds, check the strips’ label for detailed instructions).

If the strip changes colour, this means you’re in ketosis.

Note: Higher readings are not necessarily better for weight loss and might mean that you’re dehydrated, in which case you need to make sure that you’re drinking enough water.

Urine strips are not very reliable for people who have been in ketosis for a while, as they measure only excess ketones that the body is getting rid of.

As your body becomes fat-adapted, it will become more efficient in using the ketones it’s producing, and as a consequence the ketone levels in your urine will decrease, to the point of giving you false negatives.

#2. Using Blood Ketone Meters

As their name suggests, blood ketone meters measure the ketone levels in your blood. They are much more accurate than the urine strips, as they don’t measure only the level of excess ketones, but the total ketones in your blood.

When using a blood ketone meter, you will need to get a small blood sample (a drop of blood is sufficient) and put it on a strip. After that, the meter will give you the exact readings.

Blood meters are seen as the ultimate tool for measuring ketones, as they’re highly reliable. The downside is that they can be rather expensive.

The meters themselves are cheap (you can easily find them on Amazon or similar websites), but the strips can be quite costly.

You can try Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Testing Kit as this product is pretty easy to use and comes with ketone test strips.

#3. Using Breath Ketone Meters

Breath ketone meters measure the level of ketones in your breath (which are responsible for the dreaded keto breath), and are generally quite reliable, although not as accurate as blood meters.

They are more expensive than urine strips and their upfront cost is much higher than blood ketone meters (or than urine strips), as they usually cost $150 – $200.

However, there are no further costs once you purchase one, and you can reuse it as many times as you want, which might make them a sensible purchase.

Measuring ketone levels might not be necessary, as the associated costs can be high and the readings are not always very accurate (especially with Ketostix or similar products).

Instead of that, we recommend concentrating on your progress and results.

By observing your body for the other signs of ketosis, you can already know whether you have achieved it such as losing a lot of water weight at once, getting a keto breath, experiencing a change in your energy levels are definite signs of successfully transitioning to fat-burning mode.

If you’re doing everything correctly, weight loss and other keto benefits will inevitably come.

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