Leanne Vogel's Happy Keto Body Program Review
Happy Keto Body Review

Happy Keto Body by Leanne Vogel and Dr. Nina Lewis-Larsson, ND

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After running our keto community with 100,000+ members for over a year, we have received many success stories from women who followed the ketogenic way of eating.

However, we also noticed some women in our community find it difficult and challenging to succeed with keto regardless of how hard they try.

We have been looking for the reason why many women succeed and some fail at this way of eating.

And we believe we found the answer from our expert friend (we’ll share her discovery with you below).

If you’ve been following keto way of eating for a while now, you’ve probably heard of Leanne Vogel and her works. Leanne is an ultra passionate Nutrition Educator and many times bestselling author. She’s also the host of The Keto Diet Podcast – the most popular podcast about ketogenic diet in the world.

Leanne has been featured in Women’s Magazine, New York Magazine, Paleo f(x), KetoCon, Globe & Mail, Huffington Post, Paleo Magazine, and many more. When it comes to keto diet for women, Leanne is the expert to go to.

She’s revolutionized the keto diet – teaching thousands of women her powerful secrets to unlocking the full potential of keto.

After many years of doing this, what she discovered was very eye-opening…

Here it is: The classic ketogenic diet works great for men.

For some women, it can wreak havoc on your entire body – cravings, not losing weight, lack of energy, hunger all the time, imbalanced hormones, carb binges… all because you’re following the wrong plan for you.

This often leads to disappointment, anxiety, and desperation. And it’s not your fault. There is a lot of misguided information out there and it’s causing many of us confused and feel like failures.

To succeed on keto, you must understand women’s bodies are complex, hormone-driven systems that demand a different approach.

The great news is that Leanne has opened the door to her all-new program, Happy Keto Body – The ultimate 12-week online keto program for fat-burning women.

Happy Keto Body is a 12-week intensive learning and doing ketogenic experience for women with Leanne Vogel and Dr. Nina Lewis-Larsson, ND.

Happy Keto Body

Program Details

  • Registration opens: now
  • Registration closes: Jan 17 at 11:59pm Pacific!
  • Program begins: Immediately after purchase
  • How to register: Click here!

What You Will Learn in 12 Weeks?

12 week keto programs

[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Week 1 – Keto Kamp: Secrets to Success” no=”1/12″] Understanding what keto is, how food quality impacts results, and how to start keto on the right foot. Easy to follow eating plans so you can start making realistic changes from the start. [/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Week 2 – The Key to Burning Fat: Exercise & Weight Loss” no=”2/12″] The metabolic markers you need to successfully drop the weight and the role of hormones in weight loss and muscle gain. [/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Week 3 – A Plan as Unique as You Are” no=”3/12″]Personalizing your macro intake and overcoming the issues and imbalances unique to your body. [/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Week 4 – Busting Myths (and Healing)” no=”4/12″]Busting common keto misconceptions with science so you can heal your body through a nutrient-dense ketogenic diet.[/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Week 5 – Mindset: It’s Not About the Food” no=”5/12″]Why stressing isn’t helping you and how to boost your confidence, accept your body and start crushing on yourself. [/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Week 6 – Overcoming Issues” no=”6/12″]How to adjust the ketogenic diet to support or overcome existing health problems and imbalances. [/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Week 7 – Adrenals, Stress & Sleep” no=”7/12″]Improve your sleep, reduce stress, and support your adrenals [/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Week 8 – Thyroid Therapy” no=”8/12″]What your thyroid is, why it’s important; How to heal your thyroid, and actions you can take so you have optimal thyroid function. [/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Week 9 – Hormone Healing for Fat Fueled Females” no=”9/12″] Balancing and healing sex hormones on keto. [/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Week 10 – Your Glorious Gut” no=”10/12″] Maximizing gut function and making your digestive system happy again. [/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Week 11 – Week 11: Managing Autoimmunity” no=”11/12″] Things you’re doing (or not doing) that lead to autoimmune conditions. How to manage flare up symptoms, support immunity, and use keto to balance your body’s immune system. [/thrive_toggles][thrive_toggles title=”Week 12 – Keto for Life” no=”12/12″] Maintain your Happy Keto Body. Discover the resources and tools that will help you enjoy long-term success. [/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]

With over 66 videos and 21 hours of life-changing information, you will immerse yourself in the amazing ketogenic experience that will set you up to achieve your body and health goals.

This program also contains 36 downloadable bonus materials that you can use immediately. This includes:

  • Food Swaps: How to find keto substitutes of your favorite Standard American Diet-style foods.
  • Keto Shopping List: A basic list of all foods you can eat on a ketogenic diet and which grocery stores to find them and how to save money on keto.
  • Happy Keto Body Mini Cookbook: How to transform keto ingredients into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • Boost Your Fats with RFLs: How to prepare rocket fuel lattes with different ways such as with dairy, nondairy, cold tea, bone broth, and more!
  • How To Calculate Your Macros: How to calculate macros and put it all together in an easy way that makes sense. You will know exactly how much fat, protein and carbs (in grams) you should eat per day.
  • Macro Intakes Table: How how translate your personal macros into actual
    quantities of veggies (for carbs), oils (for fat), or meat (for protein).
  • Fat Quality and Smoke Points: Get a list of common cooking oils and where they rank
    based on their inflammatory properties find out exactly which oils are best for cooking, eating raw, etc…
  • Traveling with Keto: Top tips for keto on the go and how to order keto food at restaurants.
  • Hidden Sugars: Discover the 82 ways that “sugar” can be hidden in common food products.
  • Unplanning: How to prepare dinner with what you’ve got
  • Allergy Elimination Diet: A strict 3-week meal plan to determine potential food sensitivities or allergies.
  • Carb Up Grams: How to determine how many carbs you can consume during a carb up.
  • Ketone Testing: Understand the three ways to test your ketones level and the pros and
    cons of each method.
  • 2-week Meal Plan with Carb Ups: A 2-week meal plan with shopping lists, different types and ways to practice carb ups.
  • Carb Up Foods & Recipes: Find out what’s allowed and not allowed for carb-ups and how to prepare.
  • Resolving Hair Loss & Skin Issues: How to overcome keto complications including keto rash, acne, and hair loss on keto, and more.
  • Customizing Fat Intake for Optimal Weight Loss: How to pinpoint the exact amount of fat for your body and goals.
  • Learning How to Eat Intuitively: How to to start to listen to your body and step away from the measuring, tracking, and the stress that comes with staying on top of your keto macros.
  • How to Overcome Inflammation: Learn the signs of inflammation in the body, how to measure your inflammation level, discover the common causes of inflammation, and steps to reduce inflammation.
  • Repair Adrenal Dysfunction: Understand the adrenals, the symptoms of adrenal fatigue, and how to evaluate their adrenals, and how to heal from adrenal fatigue.
  • Improve Sleep: Understand insomnia, symptoms and potential causes of imbalanced sleep, and how a normal sleep cycle should look as well as treatment and supplements for insomnia or poor sleep.
  • Polarity Exercises: How to take positive actions, make healthy mental choices, and hold a positive emotional state.
  • Stress Reduction Techniques: Understand stress, signs and symptoms of high stress and high cortisol, how stress affects our DNA, and how you can reduce stress in your lives.
  • Thyroid Treatment Options: Understand the types and symptoms of thyroid disorders, why thyroid disorders are so common in North America, how to test for thyroid dysfunction, and how to treat it.
  • Managing Menopause: Know the symptoms of menopause, provides suggestions for general and specific support for menopausal symptoms, how to evaluate your hormone levels, and hormone replacement therapy.
  • Irregular Cycles & PCOS: How to balance irregular cycles, including how to practice seed cycling and balancing one’s cycle with the moon and lighting.
  • Overcoming PMS: Learn the symptoms, causes, and treatment of PMS.
  • 30-Day Candida Protocol: Understand what candida is, symptoms of candida, and treatment.
  • IBS Treatments & Tools: Learn what IBS is, symptoms of IBS, potential causes, steps to overcome IBS, and supplements members can take to support their IBS.
  • And many more!

Why You Should Register For This Program Today?

  • Designed specifically for women to achieve success with keto lifestyle.
  • Doctor-approved keto-program
  • Exclusive access to interviews from the top keto experts in the world to learn the cutting-edge keto tips and hacks.
  • Only available until April 22, 2018 at 11:59pm Pacific

=> Go here to register for the Happy Keto Body program now!

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