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Kristina Bezenah’s Keto Success Story

Today we are so incredibly delighted to share with you another amazing success story from Kristina Bezenah. In this article, you will learn Kristina’s story and how she was able to transform her body and life. If you’re new to the ketogenic lifestyle, check our beginner’s guide here and meal plan here to learn more. If you have a success story to share […]

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Nicole Smith’s Keto Success Story

Today we’d love to share with you another keto success story from Nicole Smith. Nicole has lost over 40 pounds on keto and gone from size 14 to a size 6! In this article you will learn Nicole’s story and her tips how she does keto personally. If you’re new to keto, feel free to […]

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Jaime DelliPizzi’s Keto Weight Loss Sucess Story

Today we are super pumped to share with you another amazing weight loss transformation on keto diet. Introducing Jaime DelliPizzi! Jaime has been on keto for 9 months and she has lost over 145 lbs! Not only that, her life has changed completely! She no longer has knee and back pain. In this article, you […]

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Perfect Keto Supplements for Ketogenic Diet

If you are looking into adding supplements to your keto diet and taking your ketogenic way of living to the next level, this article is for you. Today we will be talking about ketogenic supplements from a company called Perfect Keto. Perfect Keto has gained a good reputation in the keto community for many reasons: […]

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A List of Scientific Studies and Research on Low Carb High Fat Diet

Amongst those who wish to be and stay healthy, there is a constant struggle to find a diet that fits perfectly with our needs and goals. It’s not uncommon for new fad diets to come and go every single year. One dangerous trend that seems to apply to most of these “fashion diets” is the […]

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Annamarie Sampson’s Keto Success Story

Today we’re excited to share with you another ketogenic diet success story from Annamarie Sampson. Annamarie used to struggle with her pregnancy weight gain just like many women and thanks to keto, she has been able to get back to her ideal shape and have more energy. In this article, you will learn her tips and […]

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Cheryl Stytle’s Keto Success Story

Today we are so excited to introduce you to our next guest Cheryl Stytle and her success story. Cheryl has been on keto since February 2017 and she has lost over 60lbs so far and still going strong. If you’re new to the keto diet, feel free to read our keto guide for getting started and check […]

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Rehn Fell’s Keto Success Story

Today we’d love to introduce you to Rehn Fell and her keto journey. Rehn started keto since April 2017 and now she has lost over 44 pounds and still counting. In this article, you will learn Rehn’s story and many useful tips from her. If you have a success story to share with our community, […]

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