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lakanto review

Lakanto’s Sugar-Free Products Review

The quest for amazing keto products never ends and we’re on a mission to bring them all to your attention! Although you don’t need anything other than real food that you normally buy at the grocery store to get into ketosis, it sure is nice to have options for keto-friendly sweeteners to fill that void …

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xylitol sweetener

Should You Use Xylitol As A Sugar Substitute?

Xylitol is commonly found in many keto and sugar-free products, but not many people know what it is. As a natural low-calorie sweetener, xylitol can help enhance the flavor of your food without spiking your blood sugar levels as other sweeteners. But because it is sometimes derived from corn, you’ll want to make sure you’re …

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sugar free diet

A Beginner’s Guide to The Sugar-Free Diet

In the recent years, public awareness regarding sugar and its potential harmful effects is increasing, which means that a growing number of people start limiting their sugar consumption, or ditching sugar altogether, in order to concentrate on healthier food choices. People in the States are now consuming less added sugar than before – 15% less …

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