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A Guide to Monitor Your Ketosis Using Ketone Meters

The ketogenic diet has numerous health benefits that range from weight loss and blood sugar control to better brain functioning and improved heart health. But to reap these benefits, you must be in ketosis, which occurs when the body switches its fuel source from carbs (glucose) to fat (ketones). An excellent way to make sure […]

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Best Low Carb and Ketogenic Meal Delivery Services

For some people, one of the hardest things about following a diet is finding the time to shop and cook. Work, school and family obligations can often prevent you from shopping when you need to. And even when you do find the time to shop, there are endless temptations that may influence you to buy […]

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Jaime DelliPizzi’s Keto Weight Loss Sucess Story

Today we are super pumped to share with you another amazing weight loss transformation on keto diet. Introducing Jaime DelliPizzi! Jaime has been on keto for 9 months and she has lost over 145 lbs! Not only that, her life has changed completely! She no longer has knee and back pain. In this article, you […]

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Kyle Matheson’s 240Lbs Weight Loss Keto Success Story

Today we are extremely happy and grateful to share with you one of the most amazing keto weight loss stories that we’ve ever published. The man is Kyle Matheson. He has been doing keto just a little bit over 2 years and has lost over 240 pounds and still going strong. We often see people […]

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Sarah Duran Villaseñor’s Keto Success Story

Today we’d love to introduce you to Sarah Duran Villaseñor and her keto journey. Sarah started keto since February 2017 and she lost over 25 lbs after the first month! She began Keto at 210lbs and size 16/18. Today, she weighs 149lbs and size 4/6. That’s over 61 lbs lost in less than 8 months! […]

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