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Brooks’ Weight Loss Transformation Success Story

Today we’re so delighted to introduce you to our friend Brooks and her awesome weight loss transformation. Brooks lost weight on other diets but hit plateau and gained the weight back again then she discovered keto. Just like many people, Brooks was skeptical about “eating high fat” at first, as we all have been told […]

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Can Weight Loss and Keto Cause Your Cholesterol Levels Go Up?

A low-carb ketogenic diet is known to improve your cholesterol levels and can be an incredibly healthy choice. In fact, we published an article before to explain how keto diet can lower your LDL cholesterol and triglycerides levels (1, 2, 3). However, there appears to be a very small number of people who experience increased […]

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Emma’s 88 lbs Weight Loss Keto Success Story

Today we’d like to introduce you to our lovely friend Emma and her incredible weight loss story. Emma has lost over 88 pounds merely by following the ketogenic diet without exercising at all. If you have a success story to share with our community, please send us a message on our contact page and let us know about […]

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Caitlin Graham’s Keto Success Story

Today we’d love to introduce you to Caitlin Graham from Brisbane, Australia. Caitlin has been doing keto for 4 months and she has lost over 47 lbs. In this article, you will learn Caitlin’s successful keto journey and what she did to achieve this amazing transformation. If you have a success story to share with […]

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