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cauliflower cheese soup

Slow Cooker Keto Cauliflower Cheese Soup

Have you heard the saying that almost every problem in your life can be solved with cauliflower? Alright, we’ve just made that up but when it comes to the low carb world, cauliflower is definitely your best friend. Is there anything cauliflower can’t do? You can use it in place of rice, bread, pizza crust, …

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minced pork omelette

Keto Minced Pork Omelette with Cheese

You can’t go wrong with an omelette. Need a breakfast idea? Go with an omelette. How about a snack in between meals? It’s an omelette to the rescue! Eggs are good for any meal. They are especially handy when it comes to cooking something quick.  There are people who cannot imagine their life without eggs. …

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strawberry ricotta muffins

Keto Strawberry Ricotta Muffins

You’re probably thinking, “I can’t eat muffins on keto!” But we have three words for you: Strawberry Ricotta Muffins.  These babies are great as a dessert after your lunch or dinner. You can also enjoy them first thing in the morning for breakfast in place of your everyday omelette.  The muffins are an unusual treat. …

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Keto Creamy Spinach Egg Casserole

Creamy spinach casserole topped with eggs is one super healthy and easy to make recipe. The name itself says all the main ingredients: spinach, eggs, and cream. You need some extra seasonings to make it taste like a million dollar dish and voila. This perfect looking dish will amaze even the pickiest eaters at the …

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Egg Rolls with Spinach, Bacon and Avocado

Eastern countries are best known for exotic and rich culinary dishes. These dishes may seem complex and difficult to prepare, but they are actually pretty easy to make at home. You don’t always have to stick to the recipe too. You can experiment and change the ingredients to suit your style. Today we will introduce …

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baked ricotta raspberry dessert

Keto Baked Ricotta Dessert with Raspberry

One of the best things about the keto diet is that you can still have dessert. Everyone has a sweet tooth, and we know you have one too! With this sugar-free Baked Ricotta Dessert with Raspberries, you will satisfy your cravings. This dessert originally comes from Italy, but we changed some of the ingredients in …

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cauliflower gnocchi

Keto Cauliflower Gnocchi with Gorgonzola Sauce

Losing weight and going on a diet should not be an unpleasant phase in your life. Trying to live the keto lifestyle should mean that you can still enjoy delicious foods. Low carb dishes should not be so bland that you lose your appetite altogether. The food should still be tasty enough to make you …

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chicken fathead bread

Keto Chicken Fathead Bread

Making keto-friendly meals should not be very costly. Today, we will be preparing a meal that is not only good for your diet, but also very affordable. The chicken fathead bread uses only basic ingredients that you will surely find in the nearby grocery store. It will definitely not take much of your time in …

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collagen coffee mousse

Keto Collagen Coffee Mousse with Whipped Cream

This keto dessert will be especially liked by coffee lovers. Today we’d love to share with you how to make a delicious collagen coffee mousse with whipped cream. This coffee mousse is not only tasty but also nutritious for your whole body. It only takes a few minutes to prepare. The caffeine in coffee speeds …

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collagen iced coffee

Keto Collagen Iced Coffee

Most people drink coffee every day, it’s the most popular beverage besides water. On the keto diet, you can still have many different variations of coffee to enjoy. Today, we will show you how to make coffee an even more healthy and pleasant drink by adding collagen and ice. It’s great and refreshing for summer …

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