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Keto Fish and Chips

What’s more traditionally British than five o’clock tea or hot fish and chips from a street vendor or local shop? Going back in history to the 17th century, it was a deconstructed recipe for traditional Jewish way of making fish. The crunchy coat of eggs, flour and cheese makes a certain vacuum with fish inside […]

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Zucchini Fries With Flaxseed Meal

Another great Keto Snack that you can try is zucchini fries with flax meal. So why flaxseed? The flax seed has a big nutrient payload. It is gluten-free, high-fiber and low-carb which is especially great for ketoers. A serving of flax seeds (1 ounce or 3 tbsp or 28g) contains: Total carb 8.1g Fiber 7.6g Net carb […]

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