Fast Food | Keto Vale - Part 4

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How To Order Low-Carb at Burger King

Let’s face it. There is really nothing healthy about most fast food restaurants. They use highly processed meats and cheeses, buns and bread packed with white flour and preservatives, and sauces and dressings full of refined sugar. Because of this, it’s best to avoid fast food at all costs, especially if you’re trying to stay […]

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How To Order Low Carb at McDonald’s

No matter what diet you follow, it’s pretty widely accepted that fast food is off limits. While we definitely don’t recommend eating fast food every day or even once a week, we understand that life happens and sometimes fast food is inevitable. Luckily, there seems to be more low-carb food options today then there was […]

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Can You Eat Fast Food on Keto Diet?

Being on the ketogenic diet can be a challenge at times. There is a lot of meal planning involved and thinking ahead about what you’re going to eat next. You can’t just go out and grab a sandwich or a bagel at the nearest fast food joint like others can while you’re running late for […]

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Eating Out and Traveling on a Ketogenic Diet

Do you dread social situations related to food for fear of being kicked out of ketosis because of some unwise choices that you might make, or some hidden carbs sneaking into your food? Does eating keto while on a holiday or a business trip seem like a huge challenge? We’re here to help you out. […]

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