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What Are The Best Low Carb Chips Alternatives for Keto Diet?

Most people are aware that traditional potato or corn chips are nothing more than empty calories. After all, they’re highly refined and processed, which contributes to inflammation levels in the body. Additionally, they contain vegetable oils, salt, and lack vitamins and minerals. There is really nothing healthy about them at all. But boy, are they …

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Fish and Chips

Keto Fish and Chips

What’s more traditionally British than five o’clock tea or hot fish and chips from a street vendor or local shop? Going back in history to the 17th century, it was a deconstructed recipe for the traditional Jewish way of making fish. The crunchy coat of eggs, flour, and cheese make a certain vacuum with the …

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Flaxseed Chips

Keto Flaxseed Chips

These flax chips are high in fiber, crunchy, nutritious, and are tasty snacks. This recipe is one of the best keto snacks you can easily prepare. Good with dips, spreads, or plain. They are made with organic, wholesome ingredients, contain no trans fats or cholesterol and rich in Omega-3s, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Save this …

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