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greek style jar salad

Keto Greek Mason Jar Salad

Mason jars took the internet for a little while and we think they are a great way to carry your salad anywhere you go in style. All is left to do is just to pour some delicious dressing on top and you are ready.  This Greek style salad in a jar has simple ingredients, but …

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thai spicy seafood salad

Keto Thai Spicy Seafood Salad

Do you get bored with regular salads? You probably do. Most of us will get bored from eating the same meals on a daily basis.  This Thai spicy seafood salad is a perfect light appetizer to start a meal with. Or you could just eat it as a low-carb meal. It will keep you full …

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olives and blue cheese eggs

Keto Olives Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs

Are you planning a friends or family gathering? Do you need an appetizer that will satisfy even your pickiest friends? Yes, this recipe is perfect for these types of occasions. Deviled eggs are super delicious and easy to make. They are also very quick to prepare, and that means you will have more time to …

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shrimp fritters

Keto Cheesy Shrimp Fritters

Wow! What can we say? These shrimp fritters are so delicious that would make a perfect meal, snack, or an appetizer. It’s a simple dish that you can make to surprise your friends and family. The great thing about this dish is that it is easy to prepare and it will not take a lot …

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low carb guacamole

Keto Guacamole with Onion and Tomato

Guacamole is the easiest thing to make because it doesn’t require special skills. The beauty of guacamole is that it goes with everything, fish, meat, toast, etc… It is a great dip for many dishes such as this Low Carb Nachos with Ground Beef and Guacamole. If you go on diet and try to reduce …

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homemade cream cheese

How to Make Cream Cheese From Home

Homemade cream cheese is something that not only dairy farmers can do but also a skill available for every stay-at-home chef on a ketogenic diet. It is simple to make but will require some time and patience, but the result will leave you satisfied with your skills. What we love about ketogenic living is that …

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Flaxseed Tortillas

Keto Flourless Flaxseed Meal Tortillas

These super easy and delicious homemade tortillas are an excellent option for a low carb taco night. You will be surprised at how simple and fast these are to make and I can guarantee it will change Tacos Tuesday’s for all ketoers. We used golden flaxseed meal as the main flour for these gluten free …

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Avocado Shrimp Salsa

Keto Avocado Shrimp Salsa

This keto-friendly Avocado Shrimp Salsa will be a delicious healthy shrimp salad for your family because it’s packed with amazing flavors and taste. It’s a little bit different from ceviche because we actually cook the shrimp instead of curing raw shrimp in citrus juices. This dish is like a hybrid of ceviche and pico de …

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Roasted Yellow Squash

Roasted Yellow Squash with Basil

This is an easy and delicious recipe. The roasting cooking method will enhance the sweetness of the yellow squash and combined with the basil, this will really make for an amazing keto side dish. By combining basil and olive oil, you will bring the flavors together in perfect harmony. Basil, when fresh, has an initial …

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Creamy Green Cabbage

Keto Creamy Green Cabbage with Sausage

You can have a delicious meal in 20 minutes and all you need is shredded cabbage, a little butter and whipping cream. This creamy cabbage side dish can be served with any type of meat that you like. We use sausage for this particular meal. However, feel free to try different combinations such as chicken, …

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