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We are keto enthusiasts. Everything we do is devoted to inspiring people to transform their lives by changing the way they eat and how they feel through the ketogenic way of eating. Join our keto movement by following us on social media @ketovale! Visit the about us page to learn more about our team.

Keto beef skewers

Keto Ground Beef Skewers – Tender and Juicy

This is a somewhat different version of famous beef kebab. These soft bites are based on tender ground beef and combined with cottage cheese for some extra proteins. Add some vibrant spices like garlic and rosemary for an extra kick, grill, and serve warm with some grilled vegetables or onions. Tender ground beef can easily …

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Coconut Flour Pizza Bites

Keto Mini Coconut Flour Pizza Bites

These delicious fathead pizza bites are low-carb, nut-free and vegetarian at the same time. They are easy to make and are excellent for sharing with a friend. In addition to that, they don’t require a microwave to prepare, as the cheese for the crust does not need to be melted. You can add a salad …

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Crustless Keto Quiche

Keto Quiche with Ham, Cheese and Mushroom

This crustless quiche is not only delicious and filling, but also amazingly easy to make – you’ll fall in love with it. It’s very versatile and the recipe can be easily modified to adapt to every taste. It’s also very low-carb! One serving has only around 4 g of net carbs, while containing a good …

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ground beef omelet

Keto Ground Beef Omelette

Delicious beef omelet with lightly fried onions and a pinch of pepper is filling and easy to make. It tastes perfect warm, but it can easily stand in the refrigerator overnight and serve as a breakfast to go. Freshly ground black pepper can easily be replaced with more vibrant chili pepper or some other spices …

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Greek Keto Salad

Greek Keto Salad Recipe

The Greek salad is very keto-friendly – it’s full of low-carb vegetables and the extra-virgin olive oil has a great nutritional value. In addition to that, it’s extremely easy to make, only takes around 10 minutes and can be an excellent lunch or dinner during the summer months. Apart from being so colourful and fresh, …

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Beef and Eggplant Keto Kebab

Beef and Eggplant Kebab Recipe (Low-Carb + Keto)

In my opinion, this is one of the best kebabs you can try. However, make sure to make your own, low-carb version because those kebabs that are sold on the streets contain high amounts of flour which add quite a lot of carbs per serving. Instead, I like to add eggs that prevent the meat …

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Yogurt Berry Keto Pancakes

Greek Yogurt and Berry Keto Pancakes Recipe

It takes only ten minutes to prepare this beautiful traditional breakfast. I like to add one scoop of protein powder such as Grass-Fed Beef Protein to increase my protein intake, but this is completely optional because these pancakes are based on protein-loaded cream cheese and eggs. Top with creamy Greek yogurt and serve immediately. I …

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Keto Flu

Keto Flu: Symptoms and Remedies

As a health conscious and fitness enthusiast, you might be interested in Ketogenic diet aka Keto diet. Keto is very effective to reduce the extra fats in your body. But leaving the lifelong habit of having carbohydrate on a daily basis can have some initial disturbance. One of the most common temporary side effects of …

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