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We are keto enthusiasts. Everything we do is devoted to inspiring people to transform their lives by changing the way they eat and how they feel through the ketogenic way of eating. Join our keto movement by following us on social media @ketovale! Visit the about us page to learn more about our team.

keto bagels recipe

Keto Bagels For Breakfast

Keto bagels are quite simple to make and can be an excellent breakfast, together with your topping of choice – cream cheese, lettuce, ham, or however else you prefer them. You can bake a batch and store them for up to 2-3 days – we recommend storing them in the fridge because of the mozzarella …

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Low Carb Crepes

2-Ingredient Low Carb Crepes

Super easy to make, only two ingredients required and takes little time to prepare, these keto crepes are perfect for entire family to enjoy over the breakfast. Crepes are ideal base for so many dishes and could be served in many different ways: It can be sweet with whipped cream, berries, Greek yogurt, maple syrup, …

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Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Caprese Style Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Being very easy to make, the Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms could be an appetizer, an addition to your lunch salad or even part of your family dinner. It takes only 25 minutes to make before you put it on a table for everyone to enjoy.  To make it, you only need very few ingredients: Portobello mushrooms, mozzarella …

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Eggplant Chips Recipe

Keto Eggplant Chips with Herbs and Olive Oil

Eggplants contain a lot of antioxidants and a high amount of Vitamin C, in addition to being a great source of dietary fiber and having a low amount of net carbs – only 3 g per 100 g. This makes them perfect for the keto diet as they are very versatile and can be cooked …

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Complete Ketogenic Diet Food List

The Complete Keto Diet Food List: What to Eat and Avoid

 The ketogenic diet is one of the best diets on the planet for fighting disease and losing weight (1).  Although the word “diet” can seem intimidating to some, you should think of the keto diet as more of a lifestyle change, a way of eating that includes meal plans you can enjoy for the rest of your …

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Turkish Kebab Recipe

Keto Turkish Beef and Veal Kebab

Famous Turkish kebabs are one of the most popular street foods in the world. There are hundreds of different shapes, tastes, and combinations. This one is my favorite easy snack-to go. Small kebabs are based on the combination of two different types of meat and then combined with onions and spices. These kebabs are traditionally …

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Frozen Yogurt with Avocado

Avocado Frozen Yogurt Low Carb Dessert

This delicious Keto frozen yogurt with avocado is perfect for those sugar cravings you get from time to time. With only 4.8 grams of net carbs, it’s a perfect snack or everyday dessert. Avocado is a valuable source of 20 different vitamins and minerals. It contains more potassium than a banana, helps reduce blood pressure, …

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low carb tortillas

Keto Tortillas with Avocado, Tomato and Beef Fillings

Coconut flour is an incredibly versatile and keto-friendly ingredient, making it possible to make even keto tortillas! As for the filling, you can prepare quesadillas (fill the tortillas with cheese and fry until it has melted), or use any of your favourite taco fillings. We’re proposing to you a delicious filling of ground beef, avocado, …

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Keto Panna Cotta Recipe

Keto Vanilla Panna Cotta

It is hard to steer away from sweets and desserts overnight once you decided to go with the Keto way of eating. Our brain is still asking for sugar indulgence, and we want to have something which can turn to without compromising on taste and something we eat without regrets. Panna Cotta is an Italian …

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keto bun recipe

The Best Low Carb Bread for Buns and Rolls

Do you love bread? It’s probably the #1 food that people miss the most when it comes to following a low carb diet. There are many keto bread recipes but in our opinion, this is probably the best keto bread substitute ever. Here’s why: This one is simply amazing, delicious and it doesn’t taste so …

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